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The Theatre of Ancient Greece
Keith Scales is Artistic Director of the Classic Greek Theatre of Oregon.  He has been involved in the creation and direction of English versions of more than a dozen plays from the ancient Greek canon.
     The Place Where Three Roads Meet: The Story of Oedipus in Myth and Drama
The ancient city of Thebes is suffering from a deadly plague.  The Oracle reveals the cause of the pollution -- the presence in Thebes of an unconvicted murderer.  The city's ruler, Oedipus, determines to track down the killer.  But before the story is over Oedipus will discover that he himself is the object of his manhunt -- and still darker secrets will be brought to light....
Keith presents the story in narrative style and includes many passages from Sophocles' plays.

     In the House of Atreus: The Story of the Orestes Trilogy
The presentation opens with an evocation of the first performance Aeschylus Oresteia, the only complete trilogy surviving from ancient Greece.   In the story of Orestes, several generations of the House of Atreus are seen locked in the never-ending cycle of tribal vengeance.  At last, the goddess Athena creates the first jury in history and determines that, from then on, justice will be dispensed by the state.

     In Search of Dionysus: God of Madness, Ecstasy and the Theatre
Dionysus was the youngest and strangest member of the Greek pantheon -- the god of wine, ecstacy and indestructible life.  This presentation relates the myth of Dionysus and explores the significance of all western performing arts deriving from his rituals.  Keith delivers passages from Euripides' masterpiece, Bacchae, describing the manic possession of the priestesses of Dionysus.