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The Legend of the Grail
Joseph Campbell called the Grail legend, the "founding myth of western consciousness."  The Grail myth developed over centuries in the oral tradition before being written down in the twelft century.
     The Fire and the Rose
This program explores the meaning of the Grail legend through its principal symbols, and traces the various ideas which have developed regarding its origin.  Keith's sources include commentary from Emma Jung, Joseph Campbell and Jesse L. Weston; history from the dark ages in Europe and the crusades in the Holy Land; the poetry of ancient Sumer, medieval Palestine and T.S. Eliot; and the music of Wagner.

     Root and Branch
In this program, Keith introduces the principal versions of the Grail legend (Celtic, Christian and Romantic) and illustrates how each has contributed to the continuing develpment of the myth.  He includes selections from ancient Welsh myth, Chretien de Troyes, Wolfram von Eschenbach, Sir Thomas Malory, Alfred Lord Tennyson and others.

     The Fool in the Forest
This two-hour program recounts the story of Perceval, the "pure fool made slowly wise."  Perceval became, in the earliest versions of the legend, the knight who eventually found his way to the Castle of the Fisher King and ended his days as the Guardian of the Grail.  This new version by Keith Scales is assembled from episodes found in Perceval (de Troyes), Parzival (von Eschenbach) and Peredur (The Mabinogion).