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Literature and history presented by speaker and storyteller
Keith Scales

Is it education or entertainment?  Your class or group will thrill to history and literature brought to life by actor Keith Scales.  Programs may be tailored to length and audience.  Lively discussions guaranteed.  

Programs available include:

In Search of: William Shakespeare
   Books in the Running Brooks -- his personal life
   His Hour Upon the Stage -- his career in the theatre
   Of Strange Shadows -- mysteries of the sonnets
   The Purple Testament -- on peace and war

On: The Legend of the Grail
   The Fire and the Rose -- the story of the story of the Grail
   Root and Branch -- the principal versions, from Celtic to Romantic
   The Fool in the Forest -- a retelling of the story of Perceval

On: The Theatre of Ancient Greece
   The Place Where Three Roads Meet -- the Oedipus legend in myth and drama
   In the House of Atreus -- a storytelling version of Aeschylus' Orestes trilogy
   In Search of Dionysus -- the strangest god, in history, legend and theatre

The Uncontrollable Mystery -- On: William Butler Yeats
   Things Discovered in the Deep -- Yeats, love and the supernatural
   The Cave of the Chimaera -- W.B. Yeats in the theatre
   Daybreak and a Candle-end -- Yeats in Irish history

Poets and Playwrights -- Individual Programs on...
   James Joyce -- prose excerpts from the short stories, novels, letters and poems
   Such Morning Songs -- the life and work of Dylan Thomas
   Through the Eyes of a Country Doctor -- The short stories of Anton Chekhov
   T.S. Eliot -- readings with commentary from The Waste Land, Four Quartets, The Cocktail Party and Murder in the Cathedral
   W.H. Auden -- selections from his collected poems, with commentary
   Bertolt Brecht -- a reading of his poetry with biographical comment, and excerpts from his hearing before the House Un-American Activities Committe (HUAC)
   Suddenly Without Thinking -- the poetry of e.e. cummings
   A Little Bit of British Wit -- a sampling of British humor, with articulate absurdity from Oscar Wilde, Edward Lear, Charles Dickens, P.G. Wodehouse, Flanders & Swann, and Beyond the Fringe

These programs were originally developed and presented under the auspices of the Oregon Council on the the Humanities' Chautauqua Program.  All programs are the copyright of Keith Scales.